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Updated Fire Safety Advice for Blocks with ACM

03 October 2017

Updated Fire Safety Advice for Blocks with ACM

Soon after the Grenfell Tower fire the government issued safety advice to landlords and agents who manage blocks that did or may contain ACM. The advice included many recommendations including updating fire risk assessments & reminding residents of the fire safety arrangements for their block.

On September 29th the government issued updated advice about interim mitigation measures required pending removal of cladding.

This advice is for when it has been confirmed that the core (“filler”) within Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) in conjunction with other elements of the cladding system on a building, does not meet relevant requirements of the Building Regulations guidance. It sets out mitigating safety measures which owners of such buildings should implement in liaison with the fire and rescue service to ensure the safety of residents until remedial works are completed.   

This advice supersedes Annex A to Melanie Dawes’ letter of 22 June on Safety Checks following the Grenfell Tower fire. This advice has been endorsed by the National Fire Chiefs Council.

This advice is well worth reading whether you have any blocks with ACM or not.

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