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Law Commission consults on commonhold

11 December 2018

The 13th Law Commission has published its Consultation Paper on commonhold reform, “Reinvigorating commonhold: the alternative to leasehold ownership”. The paper, together with a summary and various other related documents, can be found at the following link:

This Consultation Paper seeks to address the perceived shortcomings in the legal design of the commonhold scheme. The Law Commission is attempting to find out which aspects of the law of commonhold have so far impeded commonhold’s success, so that it can propose reforms designed to reinvigorate commonhold as a workable alternative to leasehold, for both existing and new homes.

The consultation paper asks questions about the Commission’s provisional proposals and the impact they might have. The consultation period runs until 10 March 2019 and IRPM members are encouraged to respond, ideally copying in IRPM via to help IRPM understand its members’ views and formulate its response. Details on how to submit a response can be found on the webpage above.


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