Foundation Course

Foundation course pic


This is an online self-study course available to all IRPM members. This course is the basis for the Foundation Exam that is the beginning of your journey to the full IRPM membership (MIRPM). Associate exam is also partly based on this learning material. 

All IRPM members can purchase and self-enrol onto the course by logging into Course material is available on annual subscription and the fee is £120. The course consists of three units that cover the following areas:

Unit 1 – The Legal Background to Residential Block Management

This unit describes and identifies the legal framework within which managers of residential leasehold properties operate. It covers the general law they are likely to encounter most frequently, and legislation specifically aimed at leasehold blocks.

Unit 2 - Financial Provisions in the Lease

This unit highlights the importance of finance in the relationship between managers and leaseholders. A manager must apply the rules and concepts that are covered in Unit 1 while considering the more specific financial requirements discussed in this unit.

Unit 3 – Management of land and buildings

This unit describes the responsibilities of property managers in terms of the physical management of leasehold properties and the estates containing them. The unit will also feature a particular focus on health and safety issues both from the point of view of contractors and employees working on site and in the context of leaseholders and other members of the public who live at the property or visit occasionally. It also covers the insurance needs of a leasehold development.