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IRPM chats are informal discussions around topic matters that are critical to property management professionals. These chats can be insightful not only into operational elements of your roles, but to also provide guidance on career progression, wellbeing initiatives and personal development. 

We currently have eight chats with critical information, guidance and discussions, for property management professional.

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What’s new on the Resource Hub?


A wide range of information related to COVID-19 is now available on the Resource Hub.

Property management

Tanfield Chambers’ barrister Mark Loveday, gives a comprehensive overview of the legal issues raised by service charges and property management during the Covid-19 outbreak. Read the article at

Running your business

Do face coverings need to be worn in the workplace and how can employers support their workers if they choose to wear one? Get the Government guidance on the Resource hub at


Case Law

The issue of a lease defect was addressed by the Upper Tribunal in this case involving lease extensions. PM Legal looks at the case in detail. Find it on the Resource Hub at

The tax chamber of the First-Tier Tribunal has recently grappled with the question as to whether defective cladding on a block of flats renders a flat “unsuitable for use as a dwelling” for SDLT purposes. Find out more at



the Housing and Property Management Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship standard for housing/property management



Have you started your 15 hours of CPD for this year? 
The deadline is 31st December 2020. 

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